Review Policy/Contact

If you’re an author or publisher interested in sending me a book for review, or if you’re simply passing by and curious about my review policy…

Genres I usually review: (Assume these all fall under the category of YA.)

  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Fantasy/Sci Fi
  • Mystery/Thrillers
  • LGBT fiction

Genres I may review:

  • Adult fiction, depending on the book/my interests
  • Graphic novels/comics
  • New Adult
  • More mature middle grade

Genres I would be highly unlikely to review:

  • Romance (If a romance is the main plot of a book, I’m very unlikely to pick it up)
  • Religious fiction
  • Nonfiction

I try to be as honest as possible in my reviews, even when that means giving a book a low rating or pointing out what I personally find problematic in it.  This is not always to say I hate the book or the author, and I mean nothing personal by any criticisms.

All books reviewed on this blog are either borrowed from the library or a friend, given to me for review by a publisher, or purchased by me (this is unlikely – I’m broke!)  Reviews will state where I received my copy of the book from.  All reviews are the original property of this blog; covers and excerpts are not.  Reviews will be crossposted to my Goodreads account.  Advance reader’s copies will be marked as such, and receiving an ARC from the publishers will not influence my opinions or reviews in any way.

You can reach me through messages on Goodreads or through email at – if you are interested in having me participate in a blog tour or other similar activity.

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