Snapshot_20130709_2  I’m Riley, a nineteen year old book lover from Pennsylvania.  I’ve been a reader almost my whole life; my grandmother likes to tell people that some of my first words were “up, up!  Read, read!” directed at whichever poor family member was around and had a lap available.  This hasn’t really changed much, only instead of begging my parents to read me a story, it’s more me staring at the online library catalogue – “book, book!  Give, give!” and then descending into overdramatic sobs on my keyboard when I see that none of my requests are yet in.

Although my main focus as a reviewer is on young adult books, I read a wide variety of things.  YA still takes up most of my time, yes, but a good amount of my reading hours are spent with comic books and manga, and occasionally adult fiction (although the vast majority doesn’t interest me, I do read some adult books with younger protagonists, horror novels, and thrillers.)  You can find the full extent of what I read on my Goodreads.

I do have interests outside of books, I swear!  I spend about 99% of my waking hours with my headphones in, listening to music while I do pretty much everything.  I like to have my own little personal soundtrack going.  I like movies a lot as well, although I wouldn’t consider myself a cinephile or a film lover, as either of those would imply I have taste instead of liking practically any movie you sit me down in front of.  I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie, I guess – if that makes me shallow, then so be it.  Oh, and I also really, really love bunnies.

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