But Where are the Reviews?

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed that reviews haven’t exactly been coming at the speed of light, and I apologize for that.  Partially, it’s my own fault – the summer heat is making me lazy, and I went on a bit of a used-game buying binge last week, which is… distracting, to say the least.  But besides that, there’s the matter of college.  I was accepted late – I only found out last month – so everything around here has just been a big rush to get all the proper forms turned in and submitted, housing figured out, and to get my sleep schedule back on track in the weeks before school starts.

College may, for at least a while, throw a wrench in the works for book blogging.  I’m going to have my hands full learning the ropes of campus life, attempting to socialize, and trying to keep myself motivated to do my work after two years of being, for all intents and purposes, out of school.  It’s a hard habit to get back into!  I won’t be far from where I live now – only about an hour’s drive – so I can still get books from my usual library, thankfully, but I just don’t know if I’ll have as much time for reading of my own, at least until I can adjust a little more to college life.

Don’t worry, though!  I’ll still be around, probably reviewing from time to time, posting weekly memes and hopefully discussion posts, and, of course, commenting on other book blogs!  RBIB isn’t dying this young.  It’s simply going into hibernation.



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